Verbena Branche D’Olive Room Diffuser REFILL


Verbena - Widely acknowledged as the strongest of the lemon scents, a sparkling mix of crisp green citrus sitting on a heart of white jasmine and finishing on a soft musk base.  NB This fragrance, which hasn’t changed, used to be called Verveine.

This fragrance’s strength may need fewer reeds, fewer reeds would also increase diffusion time which is markedly less the more citrus the fragrance.

These beautiful Branche D’Olive room diffusers are inspired by the renowned fragrances of Provence. These incredible fragrances will make your home smell amazing.

To be used to refill Branche D'Olive's elegantly bottled diffusers. They continuously scent living spaces for up to two months at a time and refill the Branche D'Olive Bottle twice. Remove reeds to reduce intensity, turn them to enhance it. To lengthen diffuser usage time, remove all reeds and re-stopper whilst away for any significant period: the reeds alone will provide a welcoming fragrance on your return.

Brand: Branche D'Olive

Branche D’Olive Room Diffusers Verbena REFILL ONLY

Size: 200ml